hoopur faqs

These FAQs are from the real questions we got either on our website or in our client interactions. Not certainly the questions to which we have the answers. If you have any follow up question, go ahead and put it in the comments section.

How is it different from Slack or Yammer or other collaboration tools?

Yes, we hear that too. Firstly, they are two different products. Slack and Yammer offer form just one part of the entire hoopur platform. hoopur goes beyond the collaboration piece and offers peer to peer real-time recognition, personalized content and machine learning features to make your engagement self-sustained, employee feedback in real-time, analytics to personalize your engagement.
Secondly most platforms relies completely on users  self-organizing to create an emergent information structure. Hoopur allows users to do this but additionally also automatically connects people based on content and interests.
Thirdly Neither Slack nor Yammer are good as internal knowledge management platform. Both of them are internal communicators (i.e. instant messengers) that preserve conversations, hoopur’s content recommender plays a role as a knowledge platform with information on what content your ecospace is consuming.
Lastly hoopur takes into account core aspects of engagement with detailed analytics helping measure engagement.

Do you help us in increasing the adoption?

Great question. The platform is as good as its adoption. And, yes. We will give you all the best practices in ensuring that the adoption is high. We have our own employee engagement & marketing consultants who will do everything possible from super cool communications, to internal webinars or training sessions to ensure that your employees like the platform for a good reason.

Is hoopur for large companies or can small ones use it too?

Any company with an intent to have a great employee engagement at work can use hoopur. Small or big doesn’t matter. The platform is scalable to cut across geographies and can house any number of employees.

Can hoopur be white labeled? Can it have the client’s brand in the UI?

The short answer is Yes. We know the role brand plays in employee engagement and we will work with you to understand what level of white labelling you will require.

How secure is hoopur platform?

We are cloud based solution and use Amazon Web Services as our hosting partner. As such AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. All data files (Images / Videos / Audio / Documents) are stored in Amazon s3.  All files by default are private and cannot be accessed by any external users. All data is secure and encrypted and  follows SSL/TLS protocol. For any further information on security please feel free to contact us.

How is it implemented?

hoopur is currently hosted on AWS Public cloud. If you looking at other alternatives, we will help you take the right decision during our first conversation.

Do you provide the internal communication services too?

Yes we can certainly help with your internal communication needs and make the most of the hoopur platform.

Why do I need hoopur now? My employee engagement is fine.

We don’t take employee engagement for granted. We want your employee engagement to be great. In fact, awesome, consistent and continuous. Organizations and hence employees are becoming global and digital. And of course, there are Gen-Y employees. This puts lot of pressure on the traditional channels and the style you adopt to communicate. With hoopur, you can get the communication right into their mobile phones and the way your audience like it – totally personalized. hoopur ensures that employees are engaged by themselves with little intervention from you. Sounds like new age employee engagement?

How will employee engagement change with hoopur?

The answer can be very long, but here is a core thing that will change. Who owns employee engagement at your organization today? CEO, HR, Manager? How about transferring the ownership of engagement to the employees themselves and the rest can steer it in the right direction. hoopur empowers the employees to take the shared ownership of the engagement. As we say at hoopur, we put the employee back into engagement.

Can we pilot it with a few teams before signing up across organization?

The answer is yes. However, we’d like to know more on which teams and how do you propose to pilot. We have a few ideas that can help you do the pilot the right way so that you can get a better idea of how the platform works.

How long does it take to implement hoopur?

We will work closely with you to ensure success of your implementation. There are however some pre-requisites which we will need to jointly address to ensure you success and we would be happy to talk to you further about this.